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On 19 May 2004, Media Lab Europe
hosted its first international Symposium
on new technologies and learning. Our
goal is to promote Europe-wide
discussion of the issues.

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2004/2005 Symposium co-coordinator:
Carol Strohecker
Senior Research Scientist, Media Lab Europe
Director, Everyday Learning

Contact: Carol Strohecker

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Select educators, researchers and policy makers are addressing a vital issue: the impact of digital technology on learning - will it merely produce incremental improvement or could it lead to fundamental change?

Digital technology has impacted different sectors of life in different ways and to different depths. Some, such as communications and many branches of medicine, have been transformed beyond all recognition. A time traveller from even half a century back would not have the faintest understanding of the questions being discussed at a research conference in these areas.

Other sectors have been impacted more superficially. Among these is Education. Nobody in Education would say that ICT does not have some role. But prevailing policies virtually everywhere appear to be based on the assumption that at least in the foreseeable future, the presence of the technology will not fundamentally change the way schools work. Worse, there is no focused forum for asking why.

We are creating such a forum, beginning with the discussions at Media Lab Europe during the spring of 2004. MIT Professor Emeritus Seymour Papert introduced the themes of Epistemology, Learning, School, Society, Technology, and Change, which the delegates addressed. We hope the proceedings and other records here will become a platform for continuing Europe-wide discussion on this issue and ultimately for catalyzing change.