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International Symposium
EU Presidency conference
MLE Open House
Panel on efforts in the US
Further discussions

Preceding, during, and following
the Symposium, additional educators,
researchers, and press members enriched
the delegates' discussions.

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2004/2005 Symposium co-coordinator:
Carol Strohecker
Senior Research Scientist, Media Lab Europe
Director, Everyday Learning

Contact: Carol Strohecker

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Biography of Seymour Papert

Position paper by delegate James Bosco

Position paper by delegate Costas Tsolakidis

Karen Coleman's talk with Carol Strohecker. 106FM Wide Angle, 9 May 2004

RTE Radio Future Tense interviews with Seymour Papert, Carol Strohecker and Jerome Morrissey. 18 May 2004

Discussion among Seymour Papert, Carol Strohecker, Sile O'Modhrain and Connie Hermant with Brendan O'Brien. 106FM Wide Angle, 23 May 2004

Berni Dwan's talk with Seymour Papert about how computers amplify the intellectual capabilities of children. Irish Examiner, 22 October 2004

The computer is not information, it's building material � something constructive�

Things that are in our culture, children learn easily � things that are not, they don't�

Children need to be active producers rather than passive consumers if they are to benefit from technology� The idea that the kids need to program the computer is absolutely essential. It is so anti-educational that you put this thing into the hands of children and let them be consumers of software rather than having them produce it. I think that the schools are being irresponsible too � they should be giving a lead in how to use computers in effective ways. - Seymour Papert