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On May 19th 2004, Media Lab Europe
hosted its first international Symposium
on new technologies and learning;
Delegates addressed themes of
Epistemology, Learning, School, Society,
Technology, and Change.

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2004/2005 Symposium co-coordinator:
Carol Strohecker
Senior Research Scientist, Media Lab Europe
Director, Everyday Learning

Contact: Carol Strohecker

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The Symposium delegates are a varied, prominent group experienced in myriad ways to bring digital technology into the world of learning.

In advance of the event we asked delegates to send brief biographies and statements of position on the driving question of the Symposium. Considering the implications of digital technology for learning, some people imagine education undergoing changes as far-reaching as those that have turned medicine or communications into forms that would be unrecognizable to anyone from earlier centuries, while others contend that education may change its superficial form but will always be recognizably what it always was.

Of course we did not presume that the Symposium could decide between these alternatives. But we do believe that we are groping towards an important - indeed urgent - question that needs to be formulated more precisely than we know how and given more serious attention than it has yet received. Our goal is to catalyze discussion in this direction.

A representative from each discussion group summarised the perspectives: Learning - Brendan Tangney
Change (and cheese) - Paul Conway
Technology - Mark Jacobs
Society - Barbara Barry
Epistemology - Idit Harel Caperton and Sarah Fitzpatrick
School - Jim Moulton
Wrap-up - Seymour Papert

Brendan Tangney offered graphical summaries of the discussions about Learning and Change