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Seymour Papert, Gaston Caperton, John Gage, Susan Gendron and Bette Manchester discussed efforts in the United States to equip students with computers. James Bosco of the Western Michigan University, Jim Moulton of the US
State of Maine
and Sarah Fitzpatrick of Ireland's National Centre for Curriculum Assessment
added notably to the discussion.

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2004/2005 Symposium co-coordinator:
Carol Strohecker
Senior Research Scientist, Media Lab Europe
Director, Everyday Learning

Contact: Carol Strohecker

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Five Symposium delegates described political, economic, and educational views of initiatives in the Unites States:
Seymour Papert, (MIT Professor Emeritus, co-founder of the MIT Media Lab),
Gaston Caperton, (President, College Board),
John Gage, (Chief Science Officer, Sun Microsystems)(Net Day),
Susan Gendron, (Commissioner, Education, State of Maine), and
Bette Manchester (Special Projects, Maine Learning Technology Initiative).

Supreme Court�Justice O�Connor�said, �In order to cultivate a sea of leaders with legitimacies in the eyes of the citizenry, it is necessary that the path to leadership be visible, visibly open to talented and qualified individuals of every race and every ethnicity.� - Gaston Caperton

We paid attention to � the technical network and the human network, and we�ve given equal if not more towards developing the human network. - Bette Manchester

We don�t like the word teacher training: you train tigers! But Bette did not teach them to use ICT or computers, she encouraged or empowered them to be leaders and to take the initiative in finding their own way to use these new tools. - Seymour Papert

You don�t have some outside force arrive, install the technology and leave � you involve the family, the parents and the community in it. And so much more important then any momentary technology change is that feeling of building community. - John Gage

We believe that in order to assess students you need to look at multiple measures� each of our school systems designs a local assessment system. - Susan Gendron

Teacher and student meet in the middle as learners� For us to prepare the leaders of the future it is not enough to create a learning, we need to create learners. - Jim Moulton

Transcript of the panel discussion, 18 May 2004

'Give every student a computer�' "A much-derided programme to equip 33,000 secondary students with laptops in the US state of Maine has now become one of the most celebrated IT initiatives for education. Could it work here?" John Kennedy, Knowledge Ireland, June 2004